"Creativity is thought, exploration, and passionate action. It demands discussion, acknowledgement and concludes via a combination of efforts that effectively define or re-define the original aim.”

Creativity Decoded - Ricardo Eversley

Ricardo Eversley is a London based Digital Designer, Art Director and Senior Lecturer who's career focuses on the conversation between digital and traditional visual communication narratives, conflicts and ideals.

A 13 year portfolio of past, present and future trends can be seen via the diverse mix of consultancy, education (thecass.com) and creative practice based solutions featured within the sectors of Technology; Digital Products, Commercial; Branding, Entertainment, Fashion, Youth culture, Arts and Education.

Current Research interests focus on; Higher Education learning for practice; entrepreneurism and higher education exit strategies, Diversity in visual communication learning; E-Learning trends and methodologies, Communication & Digital Product archetypes; past-present-future, Image and text; Cultural form of Visual language and the impact of data.

Specialties: Creative & Art Direction, Digital Product Design, Graphic/Digital Design & Consultancy, Digital Marketing and Promotion 1999 onwards, Brand Development and Trend analysis.