10 new features in Photoshop CC Explained

1. More Layers
You can now add up to 10 different layers to your images. These include ‘Inner Shadow’, ‘Drop Shadow’ and ‘Gradient Overlay’. With the use of this new tool, you no longer have to stack in different layer groups.

2. Access To 40 Million Stock Images
Adobe Stock, (which is Adobe’s new stock content service), allows you to obtain 40 million stock images. This is due to integration with Creative Cloud Libraries and Linked Assets. You can view any image before purchasing, by placing it into your Photoshop document. These images are watermarked, but once you have chosen your image and paid for it, said watermark will be removed.

3. Turbo Charged Patch Tool & Spot-Healing Brush
The Patch Tool & Healing Brush tools have now been enhanced so that they work up to 120 times quicker than they did in CS6. The Healing Brush tool is available in real time.

4. Better Viewing on Windows HiDPI Displays
You can now get a sharper image on your HiDPI screen. As soon as a HiDPI screen has been detected by the app, it will switch on.