5 things you need to know about InDesign via Tips

If you’re a user of Adobe’s InDesign, then you are likely to always be on the lookout for tips and shortcuts to make things easier/quicker for yourself.

Here are just 5 things that will help you on your way:

1. Preview Mode
To have a look at what your document will look like once it’s completed, you can press the ‘w’ key and this will take you to Preview Mode. Any guides and frames will be removed so you can see what your page will look like without having to print it out. There are different modes to choose from. These include ‘presentation’ and ‘slug’.

2. Find and Fix Overset Text Quickly
A simple procedure for editing text would be to use the Story Editor feature. Although overset text is usually flagged by a Red + appearing at the corner of the frame, it doesn’t show you how much of the overset text there is. Story Editor, however, will show you this, making it easier to make changes to your document.

3. Switch To The Selection Tool
If you’re using any tool in InDesign and you want to switch to the Selection tool, all you need to do is press the ‘V’ key.

4. Quick Apply
With this aptly named feature, you can access menu commands quickly. The process is very simple. Just press cmd/ctrl+enter to bring up the Quick Apply feature, type in your command, and press enter.

5. Converting a Numbered or Bulleted List To Text
To do this, simply highlight your numbered or bulleted list and right click on the list. Choose ‘convert bullets/numbering to text’, and you’re done.