Knowing the value of your Design and Creative services Explained

A few years ago I came across a rather interesting article that highlighted key problems creatives encounter when valuing themselves and their services. This area of confusion is one that seems to start before most Graphic Designers, Illustrators and alike enter into the big world of design.

In the article for Design Taxi, Jannis Petit highlights three key points surrounding this problem.

“They are undervaluing and downplaying the rich and vast store of knowledge they have that others want and that could be turned into products and programs. They think that “everyone already knows that” (which couldn’t be further from the truth)”. Jannis Petit for Design Taxi

Marketing Tactics
“They are creating amazing products and programs but have not mastered the marketing tactics and strategies that will enable them to get these offers out to the world”. Jannis Petit for Design Taxi

When we look at the key text outlined in the highlighted article there is a sense that individuals and businesses are not emphasising the pockets of knowledge that exists within the individual or business frameworks. This lack of knowledge sharing for profit could be seen as “Internal Consulting” by this I mean looking at the creative topics that individuals and companies have mastered and ensuring they are at the forefront of any points of contact with potential clients. This also means engaging with marketing at a level which engages as well as informs.

See the full article by Janis Petit here

How to cost
Costing can be a problematic area to work out for many designers. Most design companies fall into difficulty because of that lack of business knowledge.

Amongst many things pricing structures give you the ability to either match your competitors or create value points for your clients. These could include cost variations such as discounts, sales, packages, extra features, bespoke, quick turnaround and many more. To see more variations and explanations take a look at this article on how to price your creative services