The importance of Mobile friendly Websites Explained

Google has now made it simple for people to view their search results on their mobile devices without having to zoom in or scroll horizontally. They have also made it so that links are spaced out in a way so that you don’t accidentally click on the wrong thing.

When a user types in a query, Google will not only bring up your normal search results, but will also pull up the “Sponsored” search results as well.
A website that is mobile friendly will rank highly on a search results page, whereas one that is not, may not get much attention, so it is very important that you make sure you have this amended. Any high quality apps will also improve how high your website will up on a search page.

If your website only has a few pages that are mobile friendly, (part friendly), Google will still deem it as friendly. Any website showing up on Google’s search results, that is not mobile friendly, will now be penalised.
When carrying out a search on Google, you will notice that all mobile friendly sites will state “Mobile friendly” under the URL. This will make it easier for the user to identify which sites are suitable for mobiles and which aren’t.

Statistics show that if a user has problems with a mobile site, they are likely not to visit that site again, but go to the opposition’s site instead. This shows how important it is that your mobile friendly website is compatible with all devices, deeming it as responsive.

By not having a mobile friendly website, you could lose out on a lot of traffic, as mobile browsing is now much more common than desktop browsing, especially as the use and sales of smartphones is growing every day. You need to be sure to cater for everyone.

To find out whether or not your website is mobile friendly, you can carry out a procedure known as a “site;” query. This will show you which sites are deemed as mobile friendly, as well as the ones that aren’t.
Once your website has been updated so that it is mobile friendly, Google will deem it so, by reassessing it in real time.