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Case study; User Centered Design Assessment

There is evidence to suggest that students as co-creators and active participants in their learning experiences is the new way forward for higher education. (Collis & Moonen, 2005; McColloch 2009)

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2018/19 Studios, Teaching

As a new year approaches and a new teaching year begins a focus on the convergence of digital and analogue methodologies is a forefront of Ricardo’s current remit. Coding and motion graphics have made a resurgence into the 2018/19 curriculum. Visit to see how these new studios perform in the next year.

Recent Talks and Workhops

Recent appearance at the Global Design Forum, part of London Design Festival 2018 discussing how graphic design has been utilised in the past, and will continue to be used to change global conversations. The workshop included the use of The Moleskine SWS allowing participants to engage in the conversation by showcasing how technology is impacting the changing nature of the graphic design process.

workshop supported by: moleskine

image credit: london design festival

image credit: london design festival


Senior Lecturer within Visual Communication

Ricardo Eversley is a London based Visual Communicator (graphic design and digital product design) and Senior Lecturer in Digital Innovation who's career focuses on the conversation between digital and traditional visual communication narratives. A portfolio of past, present and future trends can be seen via the diverse mix of consultancy, education and creative practice based solutions featured within the sectors and areas of Digital Product Design, Branding, Entertainment, Fashion, Youth culture, Arts and Education. Current Research interests focus on; Higher Education learning for practice; entrepreneurism and higher education exit strategies, Diversity in visual communication learning; race and geographical influences, Communication & Digital Product archetypes; Visual language defaults and the impact of data.

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